All presentations are digital. Lectures can be tailored to the needs of a particular group, society, club, gallery or museum. Many can be expanded to form a study day or be combined with guided visits to places relevant to the subject matter. Elizabeth is also prepared to consider other subjects on request.

 ‘Sweet Swan of Avon’:
       William Shakespeare and his Turbulent World

‘That Jocund World’:
Theatre in the Life and Works of Charles Dickens

Visions of Jerusalem:
William Blake and his Creative World

An Evening with Lord Byron:
Monsters, Vampires and the Gothic Imagination
(also available as a full or half study day combining both Byron lectures)

Heritage of Storms:
Lord Byron, his Romantic Inheritance and his Artistic Legacy
(see above)

The Young Brontës and Art:
Visual Influences on their Creative Development
(also available as a full or half study day)

‘Once Upon a Time’:
Children’s Books through the Ages
(also available as a full or half study day)

Illustrating ‘Alice’:
Some Views of Wonderland

Travels in Rajasthan with Rudyard Kipling:
Palaces and Temples, Monuments and Forts in the Land of Kings
(also available as a half study day)

A Charming Place:
Jane Austen in Bath

Wessex Explored:
The World of Thomas Hardy through the paintings of Henry Moule and Walter Tyndale
(also available as a half study day)

Town Mouse, Country Mouse:
Art and Nature in the Life and Works of Beatrix Potter